Why Buy Lake Aerators and How to Find a Good One

Do you need to manage a body of water? If it is a lake or lagoon and it is near areas with human activities, you will likely need pond aerators.

What Is Aeration?

To aerate means to increase saturation of oxygen in water. It is used to treat bodies of water that are suffering from anoxic conditions or deficiency of oxygen. Lakes, lagoons, and other stagnant body of water are prone to these conditions as water is rarely replaced and they are usually part of parks frequented by humans.

Aeration can be done by infusing air to the bottom. Another option is to use a fountain or any device that could spray water to the surface – aerators. Doing so allows exchange of air and release of noxious gases including methane and carbon dioxide. The water can also get some oxygen.

Why Invest on a Pond or Lake Aerator?

Government and private establishments that take care of parks with stagnant bodies of water are advised to invest on good pond or lake aerators. Regular aeration can ensure high quality of water which is important especially if there are aquatic animals that inhabit the water.

It is also important if you want to keep the water and air clean. Water with noxious gases can produce a foul smell as the bacteria that decompose organic materials in the water need oxygen to breathe and strive.

How to Spot Good Aerators?

If you are wise and you think that lake aerators are worth the money, be sure to find a good one. A great aeration system would be energy efficient. It should be safe, too. There should be no electric current in the water. It should also be quiet. A common mistake is to settle on cheap aeration system that’s as noisy as an old car. Choosing the size is up to you but make sure that your preferred small aerator has enough power that matches the size of the lake or pond.